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Getting Married? Discover New Adventures Before Tying the Knot

By Car City Motors

By Car City Motors

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You’re getting married soon. You want to take a quick, exciting vacation to awaken your tired body because of all the wedding prep. You want to grab the chance now before it’s too late. But there’s a global pandemic. You can’t travel abroad right now. What to do?

Australia tops any country for its spirit of adventure. It offers the most perfect environment for different kinds of adventures on land, sea, and air. Its world-renowned wilderness makes it an excellent setting for adventure travel. Even the cities have their own unique adventures to offer.

So, why not travel to some of the country’s best destinations for adventure-seekers? Or better yet, why not bring your friends along, and there you can spend your pre-wedding parties while getting some adrenaline rush? This article offers tips on where you can go for an adventure trip before you get married soon. And while you’re deciding where to go, this guide will give you some ideas for your pre-wedding parties, too.

Pre-Wedding Parties Aussie Style

Like any other country, Australia also has engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, and bridal showers. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are also celebrated, although with different names for each — hens and bucks. Aside from the usual, here are other pre-wedding parties celebrated in Aussie style:

  • Kitchen Tea. The kitchen tea is like a bridal shower. The guests present the bride with a gift that can only be used in the kitchen. Well, that was the old days. Today, although many still keep the tradition, some guests arrive with different kinds of gifts to shower the bride with.
  • Welcome Party. If you decide to spend your wedding away from your hometown, you need to have a welcome party for your guests. They’ve traveled far to celebrate with you on your wedding day. It’s just fitting to welcome and thank them.
  • Luncheon. This one’s similar to a bridal shower. The only difference is that you or your spouse-to-be organised this one and is hosting it. You can host it separately, though. It’s a happy day that focuses on friendships and your most favourite people.

Places to Go and the Activities to Do When You Get There

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Bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and luncheons are some of the pre-wedding parties you can bring outdoors. Below are some ideas on where to go to celebrate them.

  • Go on an island hopping adventure. Many say Australia is a nation of boaters. It’s true enough that there are some companies who offer boats that you can rent and freely use. Go to Whitsunday Islands, bring along your friends, hire a boat, stock it with provisions, and sail away. The Whitsundays is composed of 74 islands that you can explore. People live in only five of them, so you can freely visit most of the islands and keep the place all to yourselves.
  • Savour the harbour. Try out a hen’s party boat hire service along the Sydney Harbour. It’s home to the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. You and your friends can also enjoy different kinds of watersports on the harbour’s beaches. Or hike along Watsons Bay, Hermitage Foreshore Track, Milk Beach, and Nielsen Park. You can also climb the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on a guided tour.
  • Go on white water rafting. If you want a totally different place away from the city bustle, go to Tasmania. The state offers exhilarating white water rafting adventures on the Franklin River. Located in the middle of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, the river is remote and rugged.
  • Hike in the footsteps of the bushwalkers. A hike in the Blue Gum Forest in the Blue Mountains is a feast for the nature-lovers’ ears. You get to explore the forest, once saved by bushwalkers from destruction, and enjoy the sounds of wildlife and wilderness. Hike several trails and camp overnight at the grounds of the Acacia Flat.
  • Extreme outdoor dining at the Uluru. Formerly known as Ayers Rock, Uluru was closed to climbers before the pandemic started. Today, it’s a great destination if you want a quiet evening with friends. Outdoor dining is offered to guests from April to October. You can dine under the stars, marvel at the site of Uluru and Kata Tjuta, and listen to campfire stories.
  • Dive or snorkel at the Ningaloo Reef. The Great Barrier Reef may be world-famous, but there are other great diving spots in Australia. Ningaloo Reef is one of them. Also a World Heritage site, the reef can be accessed from the beautiful beach of Turquoise Bay in the Cape Range National Park. There you can see whale sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, and 500 other species of fish.

There are just so many things to do and places to see in Australia. Hopefully, though, this article has given you an idea of how to celebrate your pre-wedding parties. Pick a destination and activity, pack your bags, and get ready for some adventure.


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