What Modern Consumers Want from the Automotive Industry

By Car City Motors

By Car City Motors

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Like seasons, automotive consumers change their preferences now and then. Before, most of their concerns lay on the safety, quality, and aesthetics of vehicles. These days, they have bigger expectations that made the automotive industry try hard to keep up with. But what exactly do automotive consumers want in today’s modern world?

Sustainable Vehicle Options

Modern consumers, especially millennials, are advocates of sustainability. They want to reduce their impact on the environment by embracing practices deemed eco-friendly. They made different industries rethink their processes, including how they do sourcing, manufacturing, and marketing.

Millennials want to live a healthier and active lifestyle while reducing their carbon footprint. So, they embrace practices that allow them to stay active, eat healthily, reduce their waste, and increase their positive environmental impact. When choosing their next mode of transport, they prefer vehicles that give out little-to-no carbon emissions.

More sustainable vehicles now exist to satisfy consumers’ demands. The use of green cars only continues to grow as more modern consumers make the investment. Consumers are not simply buying the latest green vehicles in the market like electric and hybrid cars.

They are also advocating for increasing sustainable transport options to urge others to do the same. Governments answered the public’s appeal by providing them with more sustainable modes of public transportation. This led to the availability of electric trains, buses, and transitways here and abroad.

Many governments also support modern consumers’ cry for more sustainable transport by passing laws that accelerate the public’s need to say goodbye to fossil fuel vehicles. The UK government, for instance, plans on making their roads fossil fuel-free by 2050. The US government also plans to net zero emissions by the same year.

More Transport Options

When traveling, consumers often use their own car to get to their destination. When traveling for long hours or if needed, they would take the bus, train, an airplane, or even a boat to reach their destination. But these days, more people want to use their existing vehicles by making them legal in the streets.

For example, golf carts only typically belong in golf courses. We use golf carts to carry two persons and the player’s golf equipment. Nowadays, golf enthusiasts want to be able to use their carts on the road and are learning how to make a golf cart legal in the streets.

Some want to take their love for dirt bike riding out in the streets. Typically, dirt bikes need to be registered and modified before one can legally drive them on the roads. This way, they no longer need to load their dirt bikes to their cars before they can reach their trail destination.

Some consumers are looking for unusual ways to travel. So, they are exploring strange transport methods. Some would even travel to specific destinations so that they can experience traveling using jeeps, antiquated vehicles, and cargo shops, to name a few.

High-tech Car-buying

woman driving

Since modern consumers often rely on technology, they want their car-buying experience to be high-tech. This usually means being able to hunt for cars for sale, apply for a car loan online, do a test drive without needing contact with the sellers, and seal the deal with minimal hassles. High-tech car-buying became a thing, especially after the pandemic made more car buyers relentless about their health and safety.

Car dealers are making it easier for car buyers to make the investment by boosting their digital marketing efforts. This allows buyers to find and choose their preferred vehicles and make an offer. When buying cars, those who require financial assistance can easily find a lender online that will finance their car purchase.

More dealers are also embracing contactless test drives. Now, consumers can select the vehicles they want to take for a spin, have the car delivered to their place of choice, and test drive it for up to 24 hours. You can ask your questions using your preferred communication option and even complete the purchase from anywhere at any time.


Today’s modern consumers are often having financial struggles. Today’s biggest generation cohort is victims of two recessions. With nothing stopping the continuous rise of our cost of living, millennials find themselves needing affordable transport options. This is not to say that they would instead take public transport over buying their own car.

They may be delaying their car purchase, but that does not mean they have no plans to buy a car in the future. So, what they are after are affordable vehicles they can buy. For most people, this translates to buying used cars or cheaper alternatives.

What brands do is try to manufacture cheaper vehicles that the public can safely use. Other businesses in the automotive industry also try to do their part in helping lower the cost of car ownership. This includes offering affordable but quality car maintenance.


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