Great Inventions That Changed People’s Lives

By Car City Motors

By Car City Motors

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We live comfortable lives because of technology. But that does not mean that we should settle for the status quo. Time in memorial, humans always try to make things better. We should be thankful for that compulsion because we would remain in the Middle Ages.

Don’t just shrug your shoulders. We often overlook the comforts that make our lives pleasant so let’s raise our glasses to salute the great minds that created them. We don’t need to sing praises. We need to recognize their brilliance.

Let’s go over a few inventors and how their creations made a positive impact on our lives.

Karl Benz

Before you visit reliable online resources such as to check on cool car upgrades, you must tip your hat to the inventor of the modern car. That is the one and only Karl Benz.

Other great minds who developed vehicles before Karl Benz came into the story. A Flemish Jesuit created one in the 17th century. But we do not know if this creation even worked.

Around the middle 18th century, Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot built a full-scale self-propelled mechanical car. But this vehicle was plagued with numerous mechanical issues.

In the early part of 1800, several machines came into life. Richard Trevithick built his Puffing Devil. The Niepce brothers constructed the first internal combustion engine. In the later part of the century, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach redesigned this machine in the hope of fixing its problems.

Karl Benz designed an engine that uses the internal combustion engine. He was later awarded a patent for this vehicle.

Mark Lidwill

The lifespan of the modern man was considerably lengthened because of several medical advancements. The artificial cardiac pacemaker is one of them. Mark C. Lidwill created it.

In late 1800, John MacWilliam published the results of his experiment. He was the first one to accurately characterize arrhythmia. He further explained that applying electrical stimulus to the heart can stop fibrillation.

This study helped Mark Lidwill design the first artificial pacemaker. The device was quite crude. One rod was attached to a pad infused with a salt solvent while another pole was placed in the heart.

The public initially had a negative impression of both the study and the device. Mark Lidwill and other scientists stopped their studies because of this unfavorable reception. But experiments resumed in the 1950s.

Dr Ian Frazer and Dr Jian Zhou

Studies show that cervical cancer is the fourth most prevalent cancer among women. But fatality due to this ailment has significantly dropped in the past 40 years. We have to thank Dr. Ian Frazer and Dr. Jian Zhou for that. They have created the first anti-cancer vaccine.

Dr. Ian Frazer developed his love of science from his scientist parents.  He studied medicine and graduated from the University of Edinburgh. He and his young family moved to Melbourne after being recruited to research viral immunology.

In the late 1980s, he met Dr. Jian Zhou. They formed a professional bond brought about by their common interest and deliberated about developing a vaccine for the Human Papillomavirus Infection (or HPV infection for short).  They successfully created one and a provisional patent was given to their vaccine in 1991.

Unfortunately, Dr. Jian Zhou died in 1999. But Dr. Frazer continued their research. It showed that their vaccine gave 100% immunity against HPV.

Alva J. Fisher

Alva J. Fisher, an American engineer, created the first electric washing machine. He called it the Thor Washing Machine.

Several people built labor-saving machines before the advent of the Thor Washing Machine. One of which received a patent in 1691. An illustration of another contraption emerged in The Gentleman’s Magazine in January 1752.

Nathaniel Briggs was given a patent for his clothes washing in 1797. Another machine was created in 1829. Later that century, Margaret Colvin created the Triumph Rotary Washer.

In the early 20th century, the Hurley Electric Laundry Equipment company produced the Thor machine. But it was Alva J. Fisher who designed the machine. His creation was later redesigned to include a dryer.

From the life-saving artificial pacemaker to the electric washing machine, modern man has a lot to be thankful for. These inventions do not only make our lives comfortable. But they also make us healthy.

As you prepare your dinner, you may ask yourself how our ancestors prepare their meals. Or when you brush your teeth, you should ponder how modern toothpaste came to be. Perhaps, you can contemplate how our ancestors did their laundry without the help of an electric washing machine. As you do this, you will realize how lucky you are to be born at this age.


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