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Going on Solo Road Trip? Here’s a Guide to Make the Trip More Exciting

By Car City Motors

By Car City Motors

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When people think of road trips, they often go on such adventures with friends or family members. But while taking vacations with people you love is fun, exploring alone is a fantastic way to learn more about yourself. Going on a solo road trip can help you boost your confidence, create your own itinerary and plans, and step out of your comfort zone even more.

It is easier to find inspiration and time for creative projects and self-reflection. Studies even suggest that going on vacation more can make you happier in the long term. But before all that, let’s first explore some tips on how to prepare yourself and even your car for the solo road trip.

1. Tell someone your plans

The first on our list is telling somewhere when and where you are going. It can be a family member, a close relative, or a trusted friend. Before you get excited to drive away, call a person you trust and inform them about your plans. Are you spending a day at the beach? Are you planning to settle at a campsite? Going on a hike? Having a regular point of contact might spoil the mood for some. But if safety is your top priority, this simple thing can make a huge difference. Plus, your loved ones won’t get worried about how and where you are. If calls are too bugging for you, you can just share your location with them. You can use a wearable tracker or use your smartphone.

2. Prepare your car

One step you should never skip is preparing your car for the road trip. For sure, you don’t want to have emergency hiccups while driving in the middle of the road, do you? Your pre-departure checklist should include checking for fluid levels, exterior and interior lights, tire pressure and tire tread, and even those wipers. If you’re not car savvy, take your vehicle to a local auto shop for a maintenance service.

Aside from maintenance and repair, many shops can also service cosmetic damage like paint scratches to bumper dents. Most of them are readily equipped with auto paint spray booths and other equipment that can provide quality and uniform finish. A good car painting job can surely give you a nicer ride for your solo road trip. Besides getting your car serviced, spend time also learn the basics. There are easy car fixes you can do yourself, such as changing a tire, charging the battery, doing a jumpstart, and refilling your radiator fluid.


3. Find cool activities

A road trip doesn’t mean you’ll be sitting in your car most of the day, and going solo doesn’t mean things can get less exciting. There is always fun and cool stuff to do. Before visiting a place, it’s best to research first. Find out details about local attractions, retail stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. Don’t miss out on the exciting road signs or intriguing roadside attractions.

Sometimes, the best things are the ones you can’t find in the guidebook. Many tourist destinations and attractions also offer free admissions to dig deeper. Still, abide by local rules and regulations, especially for tourists. Going down a dirt road may be exciting but always put your safety of top importance.

4. Create a schedule

Some people want to keep everything organized, while others like to wing it. No matter which one you are, creating a schedule for your solo road trip can save you a lot of hassle. You can go as rough or as detailed as you want. The point is, you need to have an idea of what places you’ll explore from day to day. When creating your schedule, stay realistic about how far you can go.

Not having a second driver means you need to take more rest off the road and cover less distance in a day. Don’t try to squeeze a two-week trip into a five-day drive. At the same time, you also need to consider your budget. Your budget should cover the entire schedule with some extra for unexpected expenses.

Going on a solo road trip with only your car to accompany you can be extremely rewarding and enriching. If it’s your first time, our tips here can make the preparation easier for you and the journey less scary. Most importantly, it’s better to have your car checked by a professional to ensure it’s in the condition for the drive. Surely, you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the road alone, do you?


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