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10 Tips on How to Get Customers Into Your Garage

By Car City Motors

By Car City Motors

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Do you own a garage? Do you offer additional services to your customers, such as oil changes or inspections? If so, then you probably know that one way of getting more business is having people come into your garage.

However, this can be challenging if it isn’t busy in the first place. With these ten tips on how to get customers into your garage, hopefully, there will be less downtime and more business rolling in!

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1. Emphasize The Quality Of Your Services

Some businesses may not do well because they don’t emphasize the quality of their services enough.

You want to make sure that people understand just how valuable your services are. Tell them exactly what kind of benefits they get when they take advantage of what you offer.

2. Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with customers and potential customers. It’s free, it gets you more attention, and it’s something that requires very little work on your part!

Use social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or whatever else there might be to get the word out about how good your services are.

Tag relevant posts with keywords just to make sure that they show up when specific search terms are used!

3. Create An Eye-Catching Signage Setup

A sign with an arrow pointing visitors towards your garage can do wonders for attracting new people in! You want to let people know exactly where you are so that they don’t have any trouble finding you.

Make sure to include a clear message about what kind of services you offer so that people know exactly why they’re being directed your way!

4. Consider Offering Free Services

Incentives can be helpful when trying to gain new customers. Why not give them something for free, such as an oil change or a tire rotation?

You may even want to consider giving away a vehicle inspection if it will help to bring in more business…just make sure to check local laws before doing this!

5. Offer Loyalty Coupons And Cards

Loyalty cards and coupons are a great idea because it allows people who already use your services the chance to get discounts every time they come in.

This makes it easier for people to keep coming back, which in turn helps you keep your doors open!

6. Uplift Your Garage’s Appearance

Sometimes having a run-of-the-mill garage isn’t always enough. People want to be able to see that they can trust you and that you’re competent, which means that your garage needs to look inviting and clean!

Add glass doors to make the place look more modern. Contact commercial glass services to see what you can do. Upgrade the flooring to something more attractive, or even paint your walls if they are dull!

This will allow people to feel better about coming into your garage.

7. Hire More People

Hiring more people is a great way to help your garage get more customers in! Having an extra set of hands can make it much easier for you to handle getting things done around the garage and also means that there will always be somebody inside.

If nobody’s at the garage, how do you expect any customers to come in?

8. Add Quality Customer Seating

If people have to wait for their vehicle to be worked on, it is good to have seating available so that they don’t have to stand. This will help them feel more comfortable while waiting and also shows that you care about your customers.

Don’t forget that having friendly customer service representatives is beneficial too! Treat all of your customers with respect, no matter how big or small the job might be!

9. Provide A Professional Image

Make sure that you provide a professional image to everyone who comes into your garage! This means dressing in clean, ironed clothes with proper shoes on. It also means making sure that your garage is clean and tidy at all times.

The way you present yourself can make or break your business, so always stay professional no matter what!

10. Promote Customer Retention

Lastly, if you want people to come into your garage more often, then you have to make them happy when they get there.

This means ensuring that all of their questions are answered and ensuring that they don’t feel like an inconvenience. Treat them right, and they’ll continue coming back!

Now that you’re aware of these ten tips on how to get customers into your garage, hopefully, it won’t be a problem anymore! Not only will there be less downtime in between jobs, but there’s a chance that you’ll realize a lot more revenue once word gets out.


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