Windshield Damage

The Causes of Windshield Damage and Its Risks

A cracked windshield or any damage to the car windows poses a risk to motorists and their passengers. Most people brush off the small chips and cracks on their windshields because they are not aware of the dangers that it may cause. There are several reasons why a windshield gets

woman driving the car

Checklist: Your Car Travel Essentials

The end of the year is fast approaching, but you can still squeeze in a few extra trips before the New Year. And naturally, for such trips, you will need some things loaded in the trunk or at the backseat of


Things That You’re Doing That Ruin Your Car

When it comes to servicing their car, there are a lot of things car owners get wrong about. Because of this, many of them end up damaging their car, which may often require costly repairs and restoration. The sad thing

Party at night with DJ mixer

Essentials of Regal Party

When A-list celebrities gather for an event, it causes a public stir and everyone’s excited to see what their favorite stars are wearing. Not only that, but entertainment websites and magazines are all on their toes to cover the event.

new zealand cuisine

A Look at New Zealand’s Identity Through Its Cuisine

You’re fresh into Wellington, coming from another country as an exchange student, a professional, or a tourist. The food here may be different from back home, but that shouldn’t mean feeling homesick. Food, after all, brings people together. It represents

Covered boats at the dock

What’s Up, Dock? Basic and Essential Dock Safety Tips

A boat dock is not only a place where people “park” their boats, but it’s a busy place where boat owners, their families, and other people constantly walk (and sometimes even run) on. So, whether you’re a private boat dock